Class: MarkerArrayClient

ROS3D. MarkerArrayClient

new MarkerArrayClient(options)

A MarkerArray client that listens to a given topic.

Emits the following events:

  • 'change' - there was an update or change in the MarkerArray
Name Type Description

object with following keys:

  • ros - the ROSLIB.Ros connection handle
  • topic - the marker topic to listen to
  • tfClient - the TF client handle to use
  • rootObject (optional) - the root object to add the markers to
  • path (optional) - the base path to any meshes that will be loaded
  • loader (optional) - the Collada loader to use (e.g., an instance of ROS3D.COLLADA_LOADER ROS3D.COLLADA_LOADER_2) -- defaults to ROS3D.COLLADA_LOADER_2
  • markers/MarkerArrayClient.js, line 24