Class: OccupancyGridClientNav

NAV2D. OccupancyGridClientNav

new OccupancyGridClientNav(options)

A OccupancyGridClientNav uses an OccupancyGridClient to create a map for use with a Navigator.
Name Type Description
options object with following keys: * ros - the ROSLIB.Ros connection handle * topic (optional) - the map topic to listen to * rootObject (optional) - the root object to add this marker to * continuous (optional) - if the map should be continuously loaded (e.g., for SLAM) * serverName (optional) - the action server name to use for navigation, like '/move_base' * actionName (optional) - the navigation action name, like 'move_base_msgs/MoveBaseAction' * rootObject (optional) - the root object to add the click listeners to and render robot markers to * withOrientation (optional) - if the Navigator should consider the robot orientation (default: false) * viewer - the main viewer to render to