Class: MultiStreamViewer

MJPEGCANVAS. MultiStreamViewer

new MultiStreamViewer(options)

A MultiStreamViewer can be used to stream multiple MJPEG topics into a canvas. Emits the following events: * 'warning' - emitted if the given topic is unavailable * 'change' - emitted with the topic name that the canvas was changed to
Name Type Description
options possible keys include: * divID - the ID of the HTML div to place the canvas in * width - the width of the canvas * height - the height of the canvas * host - the hostname of the MJPEG server * port (optional) - the port to connect to * quality (optional) - the quality of the stream (from 1-100) * topics - an array of topics to stream * labels (optional) - an array of labels associated with each topic * defaultStream (optional) - the index of the default stream to use


<inner> clearButton()

Clear the button from the overlay canvas.

<inner> fadeImage()

Fades the stream by putting an overlay on it.